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Merlin induces hysteria.

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Mar. 6th, 2007 | 01:56 am

Last night, something terrifying happened to Merlin. His legs started giving out, causing him to fall several times.
Boy, did he have us all upset (that includes Merlin himself).
The first incident happened when I let him in from outside. As my mother and I watched in horror, he fell on his side and started kicking his legs hysterically to try to get back up. I can't really describe what it looked like. When he was able to right himself, he was scared - totally freaked out.
Seeing that happen, along with his reaction, made everyone panic, which in turn made him even more nervous.

Mom immediately thought it was an epileptic fit. I knew it was not. My beloved Boko, our late canine family member, had epilepsy. So I know an epileptic fit when I see one. This certainly was not - Merlin was quite aware of what was going on, his eyes weren't glazed, and the "fit" lasted much less than a minute. I can understand Mom wanting to label it as something familiar...
If it wasn't epilepsy, what the hell was wrong with his legs?
He seemed to be asking us the same question.
Arthritis? Did he get hurt outside? Are we going to have to get a dog wheelchair? Because I totally would. If he ever needs one of those, he's getting it.
He was clearly uncomfortable. He wouldn't lay down, stand or sit still for long. He kept moving around to test his legs. This caused more falls.

On the advice of a veterinarian (not his), we gave him some baby aspirin. (Boko had arthritis as well, and we used to give him aspirin.)
He started to feel better. He was also getting tired, and that kept him from moving around so much.

We took him to his vet today. She got a good look at how he was walking and acting (taking into account the adrenaline rush he gets when he goes there), took his temperature and discovered he has a fever.
She thinks it's a virus, and that it's making his body ache. There's also a chance that he slipped outside - it's been pretty icy.
He is now on two prescriptions; she's holding off on doing blood work and other tests to see if he responds to the medication.
Already he seems to be feeling a bit better. Best of all, he isn't falling all over the place.
We're to call the doctor tomorrow and the next day to keep her apprised of the situation.

It's working so far, but we can tell he doesn't feel well. My poor baby :(

I was kind of bracing myself for the worst. I cannot express in words how relieved I am. He's sick, but it's something treatable, something non-fatal. Phew.

I'm telling you right now:

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from: exoticism
date: Mar. 7th, 2007 12:40 pm (UTC)
grabbing hands

I hope Merlin gets better soon! Pobrecita, Kara! I hope more good things start happening for you! *poke poke* EMAIL ME!

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