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E-Z PASS NO CASH: The E-Z PASS Anniversary!

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Jun. 30th, 2007 | 12:32 pm
location: The Crazy Diamond Mine
human condition: sillysilly

It has now been (a little more than) five years since E-Z PASS first captured the hearts of me and hallways.

To celebrate the 5 year anniversary of our first E-Z PASS violations, I shall re-post Jennzah's original LJ entry documenting the experience.

27th-Jun-2002 08:23 am
first off. anyone who lives on the east coast, do YOU, your FAMILY, or anyone you KNOW have the E-Z Pass for the Jersey Turnpike or wherever? this pisses me and echo off severely. we hate the E-Z Pass (though it makes us laugh PROFUSELY, we have not stopped laughing about it for hours).

we went to NYC today. first off. we did not know that you needed and E-Z Pass. we do not have an E-Z Pass. so here we are all ready to go into the Lincoln Tunnel. we accidentally went into the E-Z Pass lane. i was videotaping and Echo was driving and all of a sudden these two burly cops come up and say "HEY! turn off the camera" and tell me i cant tape in the tunnel. (severe fines, as in TEN GRAND!) then Echo has six dollars out tryin to give it to the cops because she is unaware she was in the E-Z Pass lane.

this is where our E-Z Pass troubles started for the day.

apparently it was an E-Z Pass NO CASH lane.

he informed us that Echo would be sent a bill in the mail and sent us on our merry way.

so we stayed in the city untill 11:30 p.m

we left the city.

this is when the REAL trouble with the E-Z Pass fuckers started. WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH THESE E-Z PASS NO CASH LANES? we must have gone through like seven of them. Echo is going to get hunted down and thrown in the slammer. all because she does not have an E-Z Pass! and because those fuckers on the Jersey Turnpike fired all the money collecters so they are ALL E-Z Pass NO CASH lanes! so we had to skip through them.

now mind you, we kinda screwed up going out of the city and were half way to Atlantic City by the time we figured out that we'd fucked up. so we had to turn around and go back towards NYC. BUT THAT WAS E-Z Pass's fault! we had to go through TWO of those fucking E-Z PASS NO CASH lanes! GRRR. they got our license plate. and possibly even photos of us.

but we got their photo too. and video tape.

The only place they did not have an E-Z Pass NO CASH lane was by the Delaware Water Gap going into Pennsylvania.

so. i ask. WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH THIS E-Z Pass thing? FUCK YOU, E-Z Pass! me and echo are going to infiltrate and take it down, we swear.

even though it's so funny we nearly die. LOL.

and that was our day in new york.

pictures to come.


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from: yellow!
date: Oct. 20th, 2007 06:01 pm (UTC)
grabbing hands

There is always a cash lane. There is only one ezpass only lane at the Lincoln Tunnel. There is cash, ezpass/cash, and ezpass only. Pay attention and you won't get Violations. each one will be the toll plus $25.. Ezpass waives one admin fee but the rest you'll be held to most likely.. they progress to collections if not paid in about 2 months.

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