Digging to the rhythm and the echo of a solitary siren.

she's turning blue
14 July

attempting to summarize echo

it's not an easy task

Hello, my name is echo. (Known to some as 'Princess Echo', among many a sobriquet.) First of all, you should know that I am bug-shagging crazy. As the Queen of Supererogation, I cannot make a short story short. As a fan of good grammar, I continually abuse, shred up and modify the English language to suit me. Hopefully others are aware that I only do this colloquially - informal conversations, writings, this mini-bio, etc. If I were to write something I deem important, I would certainly use English as properly as possible. Anyway...

I am a multi-talented eccentric princess who is witty, clever, beautiful (inside AND out), very strong and... MY PURSE CAN AND WILL BE USED AS A WEAPON if necessary. MY CD CASE, WHICH CAN ALSO BE USED AS A WEAPON is yet another of many among my arsenal. To avoid being brained by any, you should stay on my good side. I refuse to put up with nonsense that does not fit into my world in an acceptable (to me) fashion. But let us further examine how I am if you are "on the list".

I am the best ear you can chat up. Ahh, yes - I am a good listener. Plus my advice seems to work for those who take it. The wonderful thing being you don't have to take it. Let me break this down a bit: Entertainment is key. (Viewing life as a stage is really a good way to go.) You dig books, music, film of any sort, and a lot of levity = being in good with me. Should there be no entertainment available, I MAKE MY OWN FUN!!! I love humour. Been told I'm a bit witty as well. STOP THAT! IT'S SILLY!! (Hey, I grew up watching "Monty Python's Flying Circus") Almost everything I ever needed to learn about life, I learned through stand-up comedy.

I'm looking for people with similar tastes... I'd rather not be involved with any sort of average person. There is no such thing as normal. I dig eccentrics, music lovers, photographers, people who actually read, other road-trippers, did I mention music lovers?, artsy crafty personages, fantasists, and probably a lot of other things I cannot remember right now. In fact I have problems remembering things period. With that, I bid you a good day. Cheers!

Would you like a free notebook computer? Me, too. Looks like it's not going to happen though :(

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